"Sharing a gift: Michael Young follows his instinct to find his life’s work"
      December 2011 - Our Town Newspaper - By Brenna Wiegand

Michael Young is one of the most INSIGHTFUL HEALERS I have had the privilege of working with.  His way of finding and releasing blocked energy & past life experiences that my cellular body was still holding onto was truly remarkable!  Even some past aches and pains in my neck and back were immediately removed.  I was so impressed with my results, I had him work with my ten year old daughters.  They felt so safe and trusting with him that they were able to embrace the healing & let go of many everyday blocked emotions.  It was so beautiful to see them so renewed!  I can't thank Michael enough for the work he does and the healing he provides.  

Thank you! Amy P. Portland, OR

Michael (a gifted light healer!),

My husband and I had a session with you a couple of weeks ago during our holiday on the Big Island. You may remember us as the couple accompanied by our 2 young children, Olivia and George. Both of us want to thank you again for the session... You guided us towards deep insights and helped trigger important changes in our life that we have already made. The Big Island is an indescribably beautiful, intense and magical place, and it seems difficult to even describe to others our experiences there. Thank you (Mahalo) for being a part of our healing journeys.

Karen Westwood


I was in Hawaii for the ATP training in November and was in your store with my two friends- actually they were in the store and I was lying on the bench outside. I was so sick then and you worked on me, helping me to release all the energy that was stored in my body.

Thank you. Thank you so much from all of my heart. That session was a turning point in my life. I could no longer return to old energy patterns, to the way things were and I have made dramatic shifts in my life as a result. I ended unnecessary, fear-based relationships, I moved out of the home I was living in and left my job. The relationships I have with my family has shifted...there is not one area of my life that that healing did not touch. I am now inviting in more happiness, more light, more support than I ever have before....but more importantly is the shift within me, I feel so much love for myself, so much confidence, a sense of healthy boundaries and awareness I have not know before. There have been opportunities to say no to this growth at every step, but each time that I come to that crossroad, I sense it and am aware of it like never before, and I hear your words carried through on your powerful energy: "Stop fucking around" and I easily make the choice that supports me in a loving and nurturing way. It has become my new mantra: Stop fucking around....hehe go figure! But it is the energy in that message, that is propelling me in amazing directions.

So, again, thank you. I send you blessings, love, light, millions of angels and my deepest, heartfelt gratitude.

Love, Megan

Dear Michael,

You might not remember me, I had a session with you on November 7th. I was a visitor from Germany and originally came to you to bring you greetings from Angela (also from Germany).

After spending 4 weeks on your beautiful island, I am now back again in Germany and feel the strong wish to say THANK YOU!

I am very happy that I was led to you and what you did with me was like the magical opening of a door to wonderland.  You know, from March/April on (still in Germany) I felt the urge to "get rid of old things". I started to clear my relationships as far as I could. It was like a snake rubbing off old skin. I had the strong feeling, that something "would come" and that I had to create space for it.

But the session with you really cleared me of some VERY old (childhood and past life) pains and burdens - at least this is how I sensed it.  I am now a splendid white sun with an immense aura!

My time on Big Island was like being in wonderland. Every day I received a special present and blessing - from nature, Pele, the dolphins, special people...I now feel strong and deeply nurtured and even more stable on my path of light.

I just wanted to share that with you and thank you again for the love and understanding you gave me! I might however one day “knock again on your door”...I strongly believe that I will return to Big Island soon as I felt incredibly at home there.


Hi Michael,

It was so wonderful seeing you last week, I want to thank you again for the wonders you've done for me. You not only helped me with learning to listen to my true self but helped me with finding the right direction in my life at this important moment. Parts of my body that hurt before no longer do and I feel so refreshed and energized with the natural flow of energy newly running through my body. Since I saw you, I also have been able to remember important parts of my dreams every night. And the interesting part is that stones are involved in my dreams which is something new to me. I feel like I am able to interpret my dreams on my own better than before. You are such an amazing light, and bring so much joy to this world (which you already know), I hope to see you again soon Michael.

Much love and light, Pearl

There are no words that can explain the work that Michael does.  After one session with Michael, my life was transformed to levels I did not know existed. He is patient, kind, and truly has a gift of knowing.  His gentle manner is welcoming and warm, and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  In addition to working with me, Michael has also worked with my daughter, and has helped me gain an insight into her actions as well as insight to my own parental actions. He opened a door of communication that was truly beginning to close.  Michael is a blessing to Holistic Health and I highly recommend a session, your life will be transformed.

Monica,  Portland OR

I wanted to THANK-YOU for the work that you did on Sunday morning with Hailey and Tara. You are truly gifted. I am still in awe of what transpired at your office. To come full circle with her like that, truly understand what was going on, and then have the patience and understanding to stay with her, teach her, fill her up, and receive her knowledge was an amazing experience. Maybe that is only my perception of what happened but she was on cloud nine the rest of the day. It was the first time she has left my house and not cried half way home nor did she need to call me before she went to bed that night. I just talked to Tara and they are communicating better.

Susan,  Portland OR


I am Wolf Woman Weaving and I have been working with Michael Young for several years now. I am an energy worker and light weaver.  Michael has developed his own method of energy work that he utilizes with his clients. He has developed some extremely direct connects to the powers that be (whether on the other side, from other planets, Angels or Gods and Goddess)on many different levels. It is now possible for Michael to relate very direct information to his client's which he uses along with some physical manipulation to make releases almost effortless.  His method can also make permanent connects for his clients to their guides so they become self-empowered and can learn of their paths and begin to find their places in time and space.

Michael fits in well working with other healers.  He prefers to work with a "hit and run style" (planting of seeds) which gives other workers the opportunity to follow through for the longer term and to assist clients with their further spirit development. I highly recommend his work and his work ethics.  Michael is truly an honest man who only speaks the truth as it is given to him. For those who are eager to do their work and grow onto their own path, Michael is sure to give then a good start! Thank You for your time.

In Loving Light... Wolf Woman Weaving